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Highline Dolly with 3inch wheels with 2 shackles included
11.25in x 4.15in x 1.875in 3 wheel Highline Dolly
11.25in x 4.15in x 1.875in 3 wheel Highline Dolly
This is a versatile new Highline Dolly, 3inch wheels, also known as a Speeder or Skate. This dolly is designed for use by Stunts, Special Effects and Grips or Camera. It is used to support a load traveling along a synthetic rope or cable stretched between two points. It is compact and light; 11.25in(286mm)x 4.15in(105mm) x 1.875in(48mm)4.4lbs (2kg). It is made of Black Anodized 6061T6 aluminum. The wheels have double row sealed high speed bearings retained by snap rings, so they are replaceable. Available with wheels for 1/2' (13mm), 5/8' (16mm) and 3/4' (19mm)~2
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