Pear Snatch Blocks
Part #WLLDetailCable DiaPulley Dia.
PSB-375X7000-HS2,880#High Speed 3/8 in.
9.53 mm
7 in.
177.8 mm
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3/8 x 7 Pear Snatch Block with forged shackle, High Speed

3/8 in. x 7 in. Pear snatch block. Forged shackle included. These are very popular for rigging car crashes and gags involving high speeds and 3/8 or 5/16 cable. 9,5mm or 7,9mm for those on the metric system. We used these ourselves for a head on car crash gag on 'Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift', a Universal picture directed by Justin Lin. Terry Leonard directed the Second Unit for this shot. I should have taken a couple of pictures, but was way too busy

Pulley runs on a double row replaceable bearing, pressed in and retained by snap rings. If you have to use this sheave underwater, or in the ocean, like several of our friends have, you can change out the bearing without trouble.
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