Quick Release Latches
Part #WLLLengthHeightWidth
QR-LARGE2,200#7 in.
177.8 mm
2 in.
50.8 mm
7/8 in.
22.23 mm
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Large Quick Release Latch WLL 2200lbs
Large Trips
Large Trips

Large quick release - 7in. x 2in. x 7/8in. 2200# working load capacity, squib or manual operated. Recommended squib De La Mare D60-3 or MP Associates T12-3. When we destructive tested these, they broke at 11,000#

looking down on a special effects drop floor
looking down on a special effects drop floor

FX Supervisor Scott Forbes used our Large Quick Releases to drop a floor sequentially from one side to the other. This is a view from above looking down.

array of large trips
array of large trips

Scott raked these off on a nailboard, and they dropped the floor without a hitch.
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