Quick Release Latches
Part #WLLLengthHeightWidth
QR-XLARGE10,000#9 1/2 in.
241.3 mm
4 in.
101.6 mm
1 1/4 in.
31.75 mm
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Extra Large Quick Release WLL 6,400lbs
Extra Large Quick Releases
Extra Large Quick Releases

10000 lb working load quick release 9.5' x 4' x 1.25', heat treated chrome-moly hook and latch. Manual, squib, or air actuated. When destructive tested, broke at 50,000 lbs.

Trip, solenoid and pneumatic ram
Trip, solenoid and pneumatic ram

Air actuator on Extra Large Quick release. 24VDC or 110VAC available. These air actuators are very popular with Industrial and Government testing facilities, as they offer remote release with large weight capacity at the press of a button.
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