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Special Effects, Stunt, and Camera rigging equipment for the entertainment and other industries. At Matt Sweeney Special Effects, Inc., we manufacture and sell equipment of the finest quality. Our sheave blocks, snatch blocks, pulleys, quick releases (trips or quick release hooks), Highline Dollies (Speeders or Skates) are widely used by motion picture and television special effects people, stunt performers, grips and cameramen, theatrical riggers and circus riggers, theme parks, amusement parks, and magicians worldwide. Corporate and Government testing facilities use our quick release latches, quick release hooks, and other equipment for drop and impact tests. We also make glass breakers, trunnion guns, trunnion gun molds, blood capsule guns and select fire bullet effect capsule guns (also known as the Sweeney Gun). In addition, we sell reusable cable cutters (by Movieworks), MCCOOEY Stunt and Grip equipment, black stainless steel shackles, Sorbothane, black ball bearings, ground glass balls and many other items of usefulness.

Matt Sweeney and Lucinda Strub started Matt Sweeney Special Effects Inc. in 1984 to build bullet hit effect capsule guns and received an Academy Technical Achievement Award for those capsule guns in 1987. Since then, we have expanded our product line and are always striving for excellence. Sadly, Lucinda passed away in 2014, but her legacy lives on in our products.
Our equipment is of the highest quality; it is user friendly, lightweight, durable and attractive. We fabricate our equipment on CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery to assure accuracy, strength and consistency. Knowledge gained by 45 years experience in the entertainment industry drives the design of these products. Equipment design input not only comes from our own on set extensive use, it also comes from the input of a wide range of special effects, stunt, theatrical and other entertainment professionals. Instead of boring you with a giant list of shows, people and giant corporations that use our equipment, we invite entertainment industry professionals to ask their associates about our products, since happily they are in use in most major motion pictures, television and theatrical events worldwide. Industrial users find us on the web, and from their colleagues. They are happy to find us and they are happy with our products. We have the user-friendly stuff that you want.

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