Quick Release Latches
Xlarge, Large and Mini Quick Release Latches
Xlarge, Large and Mini Quick Release Latches

Quick release latches (trips) are used to drop or release loads on cue. Our trips and quick releases are proven motion picture special effects designs, and are made on CNC machines to ensure quality and interchangeability. The 200 lb. capacity, the 500 lb. capacity, the 2,200 lb. capacity, and the 10,000 lb. capacity models feature heat treated chrome-moly hooks and latches. All models except for the 500 lb. and 25,000 lb. may be released manually or by use of a squib. Air actuators available for the 2,200, 10,000 and 25,000 lb. models. They are in use throughout the world.
For universal use, we recommend our 500,2200,10,000 and 25,000 pound rated releases. The 200 pound model is specific to the entertainment industry.
Why should you buy these quick releases from us? They have been used for over 30 years in the motion picture industry, with many shots costing in excess of $250,000 depending on their safe and reliable action. They are designed by people that have actually personally used these quick releases under the worst of conditions. They are simple and reliable, easy to use and relatively idiot proof. They have a safety pin to prevent release until it is removed. On the 500-25,000 lb. releases, there is an inspection window where you can see that the release is properly secured. They are made to release under load.

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